Wednesday, March 13, 2013

What's New?

Spring is just around the corner and I cannot wait to get my hands in the dirt.
As we anxiously await the warm weather and green grass, here is a little snippet of what has been going on around our home.

1. We started offering Sebastian solids.

2. He learned how to balance things on his head...

3. And he sprouted lemur ears. 

4. He has also convinced Penelope they can be good friends.

5. Magnus has found a new favorite spot to squeeze himself into.

6. I started a project that will likely turn into my first "before and after" post on the blog.

7. Magnus and Penelope continue to be as cute as ever. 

Other awesome things happening? 

1. My cousin Elise is due with her first baby any day. Eeeek!

2. My good friend Mari landed a job at The Hive Salon in NE Mpls. Go Mari! Seriously...she should cut your hair.

3. My sister Danielle and her husband Ben will be visiting again from NC very soon!

4. Again...spring is just around the corner!

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