Sunday, October 30, 2011

Welcome to The Slice!

Hello and welcome to my first post on my first blog! I have been following numerous blogs over the past few years and enjoy them very much but I never thought I would start a blog myself...that is until my husband and I bought a house. I love seeing the work that others do on their homes (or apartments!) and the transformations and creativity are always inspiring. We moved into our first home in early September of this year and are still settling in but have already started some projects. I am not sure what exactly will end up being included in this blog and only time will tell, but I imagine it will include projects, photos, family, adventures, thoughts, everyday life and much more. My hope is that eventually this blog will be a source of inspiration to others, a place where one can find ideas, learn something new or simply take a peek into someone else’s life…my life…in our little slice of Minneapolis. So, here goes! Stay tuned, follow along and welcome to This Mini Apple Slice.