Monday, February 27, 2012

Little, Green and Joyful

Tomorrow is my birthday and today, my aunt Mary brought me out to Bachman's to celebrate...what a treat :) 
Here is what I came home with as a gift from her...

Can you even stand how dang cute it is??? They are little mini adorable plants in little mini bright colored can't get any better then this. All of them lined up are small enough to live right on my coffee table where I can enjoy them all the time.

They sit just right on this little wood stand with a metal tray attached.

I almost feel like I should name them...

Thanks auntie Mary for giving me something so little, green and joyful!
It's a perfect little slice of spring in This Mini Apple Slice.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Mr. Magnus Joins Us

Well, it appears that I have not blogged in quite some time...lets fix that. 

I will start by introducing you to our newest family member...Mr. Magnus!!! We got him in December and he is fitting in well!
When my hunt for another dog began, I was looking for a big dog...50+ lbs. But then I saw Magnus and I couldn't pass him up, all 32 lbs. of him. Take a gander at a true mutt. Penelope is quite a mutt herself, but Magnus on the other hand is more of a mystery...the best guess is Basset Hound/Pit Bull, but we really don't know. What we do know is that it's hard to look at his short awkward legs with that big head and not smile. His body parts don't look like they should go together, but somehow it works for him! He was found roaming in Indiana and was picked up by animal control there. His home was never found and that is when he was brought up to MN by Midwest Animal Rescue to be adopted. His history is unknown, the only hint that we have at his past is that he is a little fearful...thankful not aggressively so, he wouldn't hurt a flea. He is a cuddle bug with tons of extra wrinkly skin to squish. He and Penelope love to wrestle, play tug-o-war and chew on each other.

Here they are on christmas day in a sea of wrapping paper.

His main goal in life is to lay on top of Penelope. At first she was a bit skeptical about it (as you can see in her face here). But she quickly got use to it and now she just thinks he is a giant hot water bottle.

She now thoroughly enjoys the cuddling.

I am not always sure how Penelope keeps breathing like this.

 A couple more sleeping dog photos, just because you can't have too many. Right?