Monday, April 23, 2012

Fluffy Feathers and Red Fur

Being a city girl at heart means I will never have the little hobby farm I once thought I might have someday. As much as I would love acres to raise animals on, I would prefer to stay right here in my city slice and just have some backyard chickens at some point. 

My mom's boyfriend lives on a few acres just 15 minutes from the city. Today I went and hung out with my mom and his spring chickens and piglets...and I loved it. I am thankful to have this little spot of farm animals to visit so close to home and look forward to visiting them often this summer.

They just got these three piglets yesterday. They are still a bit skeptical of being pet, but I got a few pats in.

I love the curly ears.

Eat, eat, eat...all day long.

Next we visited the chickens! They got these dozen or so little ladies a few weeks ago and they have already grown a lot. Their fluffy little fuzz is quickly turning into colorful feathers.

This little nugget is my mom's favorite...obviously. She has not grown as much as the others and is still only a small handful of fuzz.

Although my mom too has always been a city you can see here, there is a little more farm girl in her then city and this is where she looks right at home.