Saturday, March 30, 2013

Bluegrass Saturday...Baby Chicks!

What would be awesome? 
Raising chickens in your own backyard. 
I hope to do so someday, but until then I will vicariously live through those I know who have their own chickens. I think it's wonderful that more and more people are getting backyard flocks, especially in the city. My mom got 6 egg laying chickens this year and 3 meat chickens. In addition, a couple of my coworkers got chicks this week! 
Today Megan had a Baby (Chick) Shower for her little ones. We held the babes, dyed some eggs and ate some yummy food.

This morning I hard boiled a bunch of eggs to bring...while listening to Bluegrass Saturday Morning of course.

Shortly after the eggs were done, Sebastian woke up for the day. We have been offering him solids at least daily and he is doing better all the time. We are trying new foods every 3 days or so. We tried oatmeal for the first time this morning and he liked it! Surprising because it is a little chunkier then most other things he has tried. I decided to make a list of things that he can currently eat because I keep forgetting what we have tried!

When he was done eating, I made some banana bread to bring along to the party. 
Good tip for storing ripe bananas for baking? 
You can just throw the entire banana in the freezer when it gets really ripe. Then when you need to use them, just let them sit on the counter and thaw for a bit, then gently squeeze and out pops the smooshed, ripe banana.

I used eggs from my moms chickens to make the bread. 
Bread made with local chicken eggs to go meet more local chickens!

It's not easy to ignore the 6 eyes watching my every move as I work in the kitchen. 

Off to Megan's to meet the chicks! 

Megan and some little balls of fluff.

Meet Flour...


 ...and Alder.

We also dyed a bunch of eggs. We used a couple methods. 
Marbleized eggs and silk-dyed eggs

The silk-dyed eggs are very easy and so neat when done. 

Sebastian came along to check out the chicks too. He is no longer such a little chicken himself. He is a lap-full of soft, chubby rolls.
Just as he should be.

Check out Megan's blog here. You can learn more about having your own chickens in the city on this post.

 Hope you have a good holiday weekend!

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  1. I will always remember with fondness the day in early April when we'd get a box 'o chicks in the mail. (Well, my dad would go pick it up at the post office at 6am!) Can't wait til we have space for a little hutch!