Saturday, January 5, 2013

Bluegrass Saturday Mornings

What's awesome? 
That 88.5 FM plays bluegrass music on Saturday mornings and I love it. 

What else is awesome? 
When I am heading up the stairs and I see this...

It takes a few things to create this moment. 
A white curtain, a sleepy cat, just the right sunlight. 
When it happens, I love it.

 Because of this, you may get some fuzz on your bum if you ever use our restroom. 
Sorry about that...totally worth it.

Who will you find behind the curtain? Charlotte de Berry.

Of course Filibuster has to watch me take photos...which in turn creates more photos.

While the cats hang out in the bathroom...Mr. Magnus lounges on the stairs.

And Penelope snuggles in our bed.

Where's Sebastian? 

And I stare.

Then he wakes.

Recently, his legs and feet have become quite interesting.

As you can see, Saturday mornings around here are pretty lazy...and I love it. 

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