Thursday, June 21, 2012

Annual Week in Michigan

Every year, Nate's moms side of the family, which includes her 3 sisters and all their family members, meets up in Union Pier, Michigan for a week on the beach. I have been tagging along on this trip since our second summer of being together in 2004. The week is spent at a little beach resort called Gintaras and we stay in cute cabins close to the beach.

It is wonderful. 

We sit on the beach, read, swim, eat, nap and relax. It pretty much always takes place in the end of we are here now! The weather has been quite nice so far...just very hot. But today it is raining...which means I have time to make a post...which I am realizing I should really do more often.

A bunch of family hangin' on the beach.

Squishy nephew Elliott wearing my sunhat.

Me and my 30 weeks pregnant belly on the beach.

This is what we call the BS. Beautiful Sunset. 

We have a few days left here, then back home to tend to the garden and continue preparing the house for the baby...which will be here before we know it.

All photos in this post taken by the hubby, Nate.

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