Friday, November 18, 2011

Our Front Porch

Welcome back to The Slice! I knew when I made my first blog post on Oct. 30th, there was a chance I wouldn't be posting again until after we had our Housewarming Party on Nov. 13th...and I was right. We were just SO busy preparing that I didn't have a chance to get back here until now. The Housewarming Party was a great success with around 100 people stopping by to help warm up our new nest, have a bowl of chili and get a tour! Now that it's behind us, it's time to start sharing our house with you. As I make posts about our home, I will tell you a little bit about the space, what we have done to it so far, what we plan to do in the future and also about whats in it. I tend to find the majority of our furniture and decor pieces at garage sales and thrift stores...creating quite an eclectic bunch. I think I will kick off the "tour" with the front porch...I LOVE our porch.

Our porch stretches the entire span of the front of our home. It is lined with windows along the front and sides and then has a series of three windows looking into our living room. Unfortunately it's not insulated well, so we won't spend much time out there in the winter...but I know we will make up for it in the warm months. During the warmer months, we remove the storm windows that lead into the living room and the cats go in and out, they love spending time on the sunny porch when it's not so cold. Aside from filling the porch with furniture, we haven't really changed anything else since we moved in. Next spring we plan on repainting the wicker furniture, the floor and the walls.

When Nate and I moved into our last place we had a little sunroom. Shortly after moving in, my mom showed up at our door with the wicker rocking chair! I love it and plan on spending lots of time in it during the warmer months reading magazines. The rest of the wicker furniture was a lucky on the curb down the block from our old place! It also lived in the sunroom at our old place. It's really fun to have a real porch to house all of it now.

We currently do not have a mailbox, so a basket under a table inside the door currently serves as one. The wooden table is from a garage sale and the pale blue set of drawers was passed down from a family member. I have no clue what it's original use was, but I love how it's age shows.

This table is just to the left of our main entry door, I got it at a garage sale a number of years ago. The man who sold it to me kept apologizing for the condition it was in. I had to repeatedly tell him that it was PERFECT the way it is before I convinced him I was serious! I love the layers of old paint. Hanging above the table is an art piece that was a wedding gift. It is made from the base of an oil drum, it's one of my favorite things in our home. The candle scones are from Marshalls and the wreath is from "Target Basement" which is located on the lower level of a Salvation Army in Minneapolis. They sell new Target items on the cheap for various reasons...bad packaging, display items etc. I am excited to add things to the wreath for the changing seasons. 

These are three vintage theater seats that are just to the right when you enter the porch doorway. Nate got them from his place of employment years ago. I get a kick out of the names carved in one of the arm rests. I plan to reupholster them at some point (the fabric is not original).

While taking photos of the porch this morning, I couldn't help but capture a few shots of the squirrel that was eating all our fall pumpkins on the front steps. Obviously he was having the time of his life. So much for my fall display lasting through Thanksgiving! Oh well, I think these shots were worth it.

While wrapping up this second blog post, I am realizing that I just might be one of those bloggers that creates really long posts every time...hmm, only time will tell! 


  1. It's Ralph coming to visit you!!! You better build him a shelf at your kitchen window:)

    Your porch looks amazing. I can't wait to see it in person.

  2. So excited for you and your new home! I love your new porch!!! Love your pictures of the squirrel, too! What kind of lens were you using? Your camera, or Nates?
    Your new blog is awesome!
    Congrats on all that is good.

  3. Thanks Briana! That squirrel is pretty cute huh? I have been using Nate's camera and alternating between the 50mm lens and the 18-200 zoom lens. His camera is pretty fun...I don't fully understand it but am learning slowly!